enSuite – Myriam Van Imschoot

Since two years I have been employing my interview archive as the
basis of documentary art works, such as the performance Pick up Voices
(with Christine De Smedt, 2008), the sound installation Can I be your
witness (with Kristien Van den Brande and Ayméric de Tapol, 2009) and
the video Fax Film (with Pablo Castilla, 2008). These works address the
role of orality, interview practice, memory and transmission of
histories. Together they constitute a cycle that I’m still in and that has
made me curious to look deeper into the trope of the archive itself, the
need to accumulate traces of the past, both on a general cultural and
personal plane. This was my project for SI; to readdress the archive,
and use this experience in preparation of a solo that I will present in
March 2011 in Kaaitheater, Living Archive.
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Oracular Machines‘ by Myriam Van Imschoot is written for and published by SI2010. The publication is available for download: here.